Friday, May 1, 2009


I will tell you story: (It aint the ping-pong ball story, that can wait....)

Kamikaze (japanese, kami=god, kaze=wind) are the world famous suicide bombers from Japan. The Japanese realized in the middle of World War II that they were down in technological superiority than the Americans, and so they devised a plan. They would make planes, but would not mount guns on them, instead carry extra explosives on board. The pilots thought they were fighting for their family honour, as mentioned in the bushido code: loyalty and honor to the cause until death. And so, the suicide planes were born. The Kamikaze.

The plane was single propeller turbo fan, and had poor weight balancing. But there was a single kanji written on the airplane - "Banzai".

Banzai is the warcry for the brave, the desperate or for plain foolish. It is a kind of religious feeling one gets by thinking less, and doing more, and not giving a damn about personal life. Emotionally charged kamikaze would fly their banzai planes into the enemy heart, and give them a hell of a time.

This should be our warcry too. Banzai your thoughts, Banzai your actions, and Banzai your words. Strike terror into the enemy heart.


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