Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kab milegi

"Oye Mr. Uber Geek, girlfriend banayi ki nahi?"

"Nahi yaar, this is IIT, remember?"

"Ah, too bad for you, missing out on girls"

"I prefer to think girls are missing out on me."

"Mr IIT Hotshot eh? One day you will miss having someone to share your feelings"

"Why would I even want to share my feelings? I feel okay just the way I am."


"Hey Mr Dilliwala, show us the delhi-waala-maal."

"There is no such thing as delhi-wala-maal."

"Of course there is. You were from PPS school na? Kya girls hoti hain wahan ki!"

"You've been watching too much porn"

"And what about you, teri koi bandi to pakka hogi. Mera bhi set kara na."

"No bhai, quit pestering me."

"You must some kind of abnormal guy, no girlfriend even in a school like PPS."


I work hard.

I play harder.

I get tired.

I sleep.

And then I dream.

Dream of nothing.


**In the college cultural fest**

"Cmon yaar, we are already in third year. Ab to girlfriend rakhna banta hai"

"Haan haan, you should ask out one of the babes today only."

"Guys, this is completely stupid."

"Ooh! Look at those godly legs yaar! Just go on and ask her"

"Yeah go go, we are right behind you"

"Yeah go ahead, you are the man, you are the PPSite, you are the Dilliwala."


"Yaar these guys keep screwing around with me. Tease me incessantly about still being a girl-shy child. I am from a small time background. Tu to Dilliwala hai.. Tell me kya karoon."

"Its perfectly okay not to have a 'so-to-say' steady girlfriend."

"Yaar, but there should be someone who would lend a shoulder for you. Hai na?"

"I guess so."

"Pata nahi kab milegi! Till then, I will try my luck on Orkut"


**Valentine's Day**

"Flowers for you! Will you be my valentine?"

"Of course, mom."

"You could have said that more cheerfully, you know."

"Yeah, right."

"So, is there some girl you want to gift chocolates today?"

"I would rather eat those chocolates myself. Obviously no, ma."

"Now thats not really obvious. You come once a month home, I wouldnt even know if you were in a secret relationship with some girl now would I?"

"Whatever ma. Now hand over my milk before it gets cold."


A dark angel.

A milky chocolatey angel.

No, a white angel.

As bright as the sun, even more.

Soothing me, hugging me.

Says, "Whatever happens, I will be there for you."


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