Monday, March 23, 2009

The Humdrum of IIT Delhi Poltu

IIT Delhi Politics, affectionately called "Poltu", spares none, bars none, and yet people get scared (a better word may be cautious) by the very word. I am going to describe the most common symptoms of IITD Poltu:

1. Hushed Voices: If the volume of voice of the person talking to is getting lower by the minute, it is best to start shouting, because people who try to promote their agenda ought to say aloud what they want to say. If someone is deliberately trying to quieten down, its best to be alert, and raise the heat of the argument.

2. Uncertain commitments: If you ask a candidate for a pre-election party (and by that, I mean a real party!) and they seem uncertain, their post candidature and effectively their confidence of victory might be low too.

3. Pointing out people: If they are trying too hard to sound subtle while pointing out people, mud slinging them or accusing for their own twisted reasons, be warned. If they don't have the guts of point people and be proud of it, and do not care what the world thinks of them are truly leaders.

Having seen the in-fighting and black-talk over supremely silly issues, I feel its time for people to wake up to this menace.

A wise man once said - "If there are barriers, you have to take sides."
A wiser man said - "If there are barriers, they are meant to be broken."
(Words of wisdom from my soon-to-be-ex-roommate)

And did I tell you I was aiming for Computer Room Secy?

Bottomline is (as is always): VOTE FOR ME !!!


Anonymous said...

hey ritzz..nice one yaar...waise the wise man had said about borders not barriers... :)

Rhishabh Garg said...

oops sorry it wasnt meant to be anonymous....