Thursday, January 1, 2009

Guess Who's Back.. Back Again...

Shady's back... Tell a friend....

Cutting the crap on the rap, I'm back in IIT, way before the wayward text messages and greetings drift ashore my digital beach-life.

"And all I wanna do is
and Ka-Ching
and take your money.."

Everyone decided to dump their plans for RNBDJ and Ghajini for Slumdog Millionaire, and in hindsight, I feel it was a good idea. SM is a masterpiece, in terms of artwork, and character portrayal. Some might say it is just another art movie, but give it a dekko once atleast before commenting.

Begun the timetable planning has. Discussed the courses we have. Attend the classes tomorrow we must. May the force be with me :)

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