Saturday, January 3, 2009

Choises, Fingerprinting, Ghajini and Password Cracking

Wake me up, when semester ends...

It was back to the usual, waking half an hour before class by the great Tennosama, and believe me, fitting hagga, breakfast, and a 1 km walk in half an hour are things that IITians swear by. Ghoomte, ghumate, we rounded up our lecture classes ("Choise of Chemical Reactors") My scheduling was excellent, 8-9 then 9-11 free then 11-12, so if i could skip the first lecture, then i could get good sleep till 11 :) Tutorial sessions were the real deal, and when our Energy Conversion prof publicly humiliated us (publicly because there were two chem guys also in our mech course) on not knowing basics of thermodynamics, it really hit the spot. So, we get a graded assignment (punishment) for Monday.

No, the other finger please..

The babudom of IIT Delhi had a field day in registering courses. And fingerprint biometric scanning was supposed to be the miracle method to speed up the process. What ended up was a long queue outside UG Office, rampant line jumping, and chants of 'MAARO! MAARO!' in the corridor. With outdated software crashing randomly and only one fingerprint machine, it was almost a 1.5 hour affair. These shameless babus should respect the time of iitians :)

Maddu fight scenes, Excellent romance, Asin Rocks !!

That pretty much sums up the PVR Saket Ghajini experience with Mittal-san, Jitu Bhai, Kitty, Gabbu and the great Tennosama. Apart from missing the dinner ofcourse...

Day destroys the night,
Night divides the day,
Try to run, Try to hide,
Break on through to the other side

Last night I started simultaneous attempts on cracking our hostel server,academic site server, our dns server, and our ftp sunfire server. After several blocks along the way, and a better understanding of network functioning in IIT, i was able to extract 17 passwords from Sunfire, what we all better know as "the linux machines in CSC", or "the 4mb ftp server".

As an example:
User: ee1040313
Password: matrix

Just try out if you dont believe me. I dont even know the poor chap, if someone does, please tell him to change his password.

How'd I do it you ask? Well I will give you the keywords and leave the rest to you..

Cain, JTR, FSCrack, FireFTP, Firefox, wordlists, ARP Poisoning, SuperScan, telnet, passwd.yp

It wont hurt to put comments once in a while dudes. More next time :)


RaSh said...

Just found your blog.. Pretty impressive stuff! (Poor guy.. who keeps such a password anyway?)

Anyway Happy New Year!
(DPS RKP.. Exun.. Remember?)

Rijul said...

Thanks yaar, your blog is awesome too.

Keep up the good job :)


Abhishek - The Guru said...

the hacking sounds interesting..well ghajini did not meet up my expectations

Anonymous said...


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